"Where We Work"



TINFA has active programs in the Quetzaltenango region in Guatemala. We have launched a pilot program with 3 elementary schools, and are considering replicating the model with other schools served by our local partner organization, FUNDAP.

In the past,

We have worked in Colombia (Santa Maria and Ana Restrepo del Coral). Unfortunately due to political changes?? we were unable to continue partnering in this region. Since TINFA's founders have strong roots in Colombia, they hope to reestablish a partnership with local organizations in the future. 

We have also worked in Jalisco, Mexico we partnered with 1 school in : Juan de la Barrera, in the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta. 

In the FUture,

Short-term, meaning the next two years, there is no plan to expand to other continents. There is no fundamental reason to not be in these areas. However, we are cognizant of the challenges of working within different time zones and far distances. We  want to focus on fine-tuning our "offer" and insuring what we can stay consistent in our providing quality programs before we expand.

Having the right partnership is perhaps the single most important aspect of a successful project. For this reason, TINFA wants to stay flexible and open to the possibility of collaborating with other organizations, if the organization is a great fit, and if the opportunity arises.